TEM - Aberration Corrected S/TEM JEM-ARM200cF (NHMFL - FSU) - Status: Up

Scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) incorporating a probe spherical aberration (Cs) corrector for the electron optic system allowing resolution of 0.078 nm (sub Angstrom) in scanning mode.

PLEASE NOTE: only service requests may be submitted for this instrument; if you are interested in being trained to operate this instrument yourself, you should contact the staff at FSU directly.
Latest Status Log EntryOct 1, 2017 - Resource Status Up - Not sure why this was marked down.

Atomic-resolution HAADF-STEM
Resolution = 0.78 Angstroms

Atomic-resolution ABF-STEM
Resolution = 1.1 Angstroms

Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
(EELS) energy field of view = 2000 eV
Resolution = 0.25 eV

Spectrum Imaging
Resolution = 1.1 Angstroms