Logitech PM5 Polisher - Status: Available

The PM5 Lapping and Polishing Machine is a key Logitech product found in many R&D laboratories across the world. The bench-top, research & development scale machine reproduces processing results typically found on production scale equipment. Highly flexible in use the PM5 allows you to work with many different materials, including Gallium Arsenide, Silicon, Rock and Soils. The PM5 machine is used extensively in: The preparation of Geological Thin Sections: i.e. Rock lapping system The preparation of Semiconductor Materials i.e. Polishing Silicon Wafers Designed as a single workstation machine, the PM5 has an integral abrasive autofeed system and optional automatic lapping plate flatness control. Automatic Plate Flatness (optional) The automatic plate flatness control system continually monitors the plate shape and automatically corrects any deviations from the pre-set shape. This removes the need to recondition the plate before processing, maintaining the shape indefinitely to within 1 micron of the operator's target. This can be flat, concave or convex to a precise degree. The ease with which the value can be set provides savings in operator time and delivers greater sample output. The PM5 system is made from aluminium and rigid polyurethane to withstand the most rigorous lapping and polishing environments. All functions are controlled from the joystick and parameters displayed on the LCD at the front of the machine. Latest Status Log EntryJan 2, 2018 - Resource Status Up - return to service after holiday break

Product Data: PM5 Lapping and Polishing Machine Jig Capacity PP5 (up to 3" samples) 1 PP6 (up to 4" samples) 1 Power Supply: 220/240V, 50Hz or 110V, 50/60Hz Fuse Rating: 6.3A Plate Speed: 0-70rpm Timer: 0-10 hrs Height: 480mm approx Width: 630mm approx Depth: 662mm approx Net Weight: 58kg