Become a User

Please click on an option below. Once logged in, you will be presented with a checklist of prerequisites required to complete the setup process. For an overview of the setup process, please see the Become a User: Overview section below.

Become a User: Overview

The 'Become a User' section will walk you through the setup process. However, if you would like a description of what this entails, please read on.

  • I have an active Gatorlink Account - A Gatorlink account will be necessary to login to the RSC website, computers, and tool login stations (TUMIs). If you have an active Gatorlink account, choose this option.
    • I would like to train for Use of RSC Equipment - Choose this option if you would like to personally use RSC equipment. RSC equipment will require various prerequisites be met before equipment may be reserved, used, or training for use is requested. If a prerequisite is not met you will be redirected to a prerequisite page which displays a checklist of the prerequisite(s) that require completion before continuing. Listed below are the standard prerequisites required for resource use.
      Note: Prerequisites may vary based on the equipment or training. To see the required prerequisites for specific equipment or training topic, please refer to the links in the 'Prerequisite Status' section located on the left side of your User Panel.
      • Computer Account Setup - This is a short online form which includes confirmation that you have reviewed and understand the UF acceptable use policy for IT resources. After completion, you will be able to login to RSC computers with your Gatorlink account.
      • Funding Source - At least one source of funds must be setup and unexpired in order to request service, training, or use equipment. Both internal and external types are available for setup.
        • Internal (UF) Funding Sources - To setup an internal funding source, you will select your PI from a list, or if not in the list, provide the PI's name. An approval email will then be sent to the PI. You will receive an email response once the PI approve or denies your request.
        • External (Non-UF) Funding Source - To setup an external funding source, enter your contact and billing information. If your billing contact differs from your contact information, an email will be sent to the billing contact for confirmation. You will receive and email confirmation once RSC fiscal staff processes your request.
        • Note: Funding sources may expire (likely for internal). You can see the expiration date using the 'My Funding Sources' link on your User Panel. If your last funding source expires, and you request training, service, or attempt to make a reservation, you will be redirected to the prerequisite page and prompted to resubmit a funding source request before continuing.
      • Work Plan Approval - A work plan detailing your processes is required. The plan is used to ensure your process will be compatible with RSC equipment. Work plans are approved by the PI (if internal) and RSC staff. Once approved, you will receive and email notice with a link to the RSC Agreement Form.
      • RSC Agreement Form - This online form confirms agreement to various statements regarding the RSC and UF lab safety. You will also have the opportunity to choose your safety training date and type. Once completed, you will be signed up for safety training.
      • Safety Training Completion - After attending safety training, staff will enter your record of completion. RSC fiscal staff will then make a final review of your account and then approve your account for resource use. You will receive an email notice once this occurs.
      • Building Access Badges - RSC staff will assemble and configure your access badges. You will receive an email to pick up your badges once they are ready.
      • Equipment Training Completion - Use of equipment will require a record of training completion. You may view the various training available under the 'Training Topics' link on your user panel. If a training session exists, and the session is not 'Full' you may sign up for the session. If no session is scheduled you may request a session be created. Most training sessions (for internal funding sources) require PI approval before they can be created or joined. You will receive and email notice once you are signed up for a training session. After the training session, RSC staff will enter your record of completion. You will then be able to reserve/use the equipment covered in the training session.
    • I would like to Request Service - Choose this option if you would like RSC staff to perform a task on your behalf. Service requests require the 'funding source' prerequisite. For more details on the funding source prerequisite, see the information under 'I would like to train for Use of RSC Equipment' > 'Funding Source'.
  • I do not have an active Gatorlink Account - If you do not have an active Gatorlink account, choose this option to create or reactivate an existing Gatorlink account.
    • Work Plan/Service Consultation - Prior to activating your Gatorlink account, we request you provide your work plan or a description of the service you are seeking. This is to ensure we can meet your needs before continuing the setup process.
    • External User Form - Once staff reviews your work plan or service description, and we are able to meet your needs, staff will email an External User Form link. The External User Form will prompt you for your contact and billing information.
    • Gatorlink Account Activation - Once we receive your External User Form we will enter/update your information in the UF system. We will then send you an email with your UFID.
      • If a new Gatorlink account is created
        • You will also receive a Gatorlink invitation email from UF. Follow the Gatorlink invitation email instructions to setup your account.
      • If your Gatorlink account is reactivated
        • You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password, if necessary.
      • Once your password is set, click the second link provided in the email to complete the RSC Gatorlink setup process.
    • If you were seeking to have service performed for you, staff may have automatically promoted your 'Work Plan/Service Consultation' to a 'Service Request'. You will be able to see the request on your User Panel if the promotion was performed. If a service request does not appear, refer to 'I have an active Gatorlink Account' > 'I would like to Request Service' for further details.
    • If you were seeking to use or train on RSC equipment, refer to 'I have an active Gatorlink Account' > 'I would like to train for Use of RSC Equipment' for further details.