Rheometer - ARES LS1 - Status: Available

  • Current Status: Available
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  • Use Rates:
    • External Academic & Government: $15.75/Hour
    • External Affiliated Commercial/Industrial: $46.50/Hour
    • External Commercial/Industrial: $62.00/Hour
    • External International Academic: $21.00/Hour
    • Internal Standard: $10.50/Hour
  • Service: Request Service Quote. The Staff rate is $50/hour (Internal) and $55 /hour (External) in addition to the instrument rate.
  • Building: NANO (0070)
  • Room: Particle Analysis 1 (222)
  • In Cleanroom: No
  • Main Contact: Gary Scheiffele
A viscometer measures the viscosity of a liquid at a fixed shear rates (or rotational speed). The ARES LS1 rheometer measures the viscosity of a material dynamically as it is deformed.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RheometerLatest Status Log EntryJan 2, 2024 - Resource Status Up - Happy 2024!

The TA Instruments ARES LS1 is a rotational rheometer that can be used to measure shear viscosity, viscoelastic functions, creep, and yield stress of liquids, suspensions, and gels using different geometries such as cone-and-plate, parallel-plate, and concentric cylinder. Tests can be performed under "steady state" or "oscillatory" modes with a torque range of 0.2 microNewton-meters to 100 milliNewton-meters. Normal force can also be measured between 0.002 and 20 N. Temperature is controlled between room temperature and 150C via a circulating bath.

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