TSI PSD 3603 (Aerosizer) - Status: Available

  • Current Status: Available
  • Training: View Topics/Sessions
  • Use Rates:
    • External Academic & Government: $54.00/Hour
    • External Affiliated Commercial/Industrial: $132.00/Hour
    • External Commercial/Industrial: $176.00/Hour
    • External International Academic: $72.00/Hour
    • Internal Standard: $36.00/Hour
  • Service: Request Service Quote. The Staff rate is $50/hour (Internal) and $55 /hour (External) in addition to the instrument rate.
  • Building: NANO (0070)
  • Room: Particle Analysis 2 (224)
  • In Cleanroom: No
  • Main Contact: Kristy Schepker
The PSD 3603 measures particle size distributions of dry particles or aerosolized liquids in the range of 0.2 to 700 microns by aerodynamic time of flight.Latest Status Log EntryJan 2, 2024 - Resource Status Up - Up from break
Contact LevelNameEmail
1Schepker, Kristykschepker@ufl.edu

General Contact: rscinfo@mail.ufl.edu

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