Autosorb iQ - Krypton - Status: Available

Fully automated high-resolution gas sorption analyzer possessing three sample ports (analysis station) and four sample preparation ports (outgassing station). Includes a turbo-molecular drag pump and low-pressure transducers (10 and 1 Torr) for measurement of adsorption behavior at pressures required for low surface area measurements (requires krypton) and to observe the filling of micropores.

One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with a high-temperature (1100⁰C) furnace coupled with fan-assisted cooling, and a digital temperature controller for precise chemisorption measurements. Includes automated gas switching, in-situ and/or separated sample preparation.

A vapor dosing option is available for both physi - and chemi- sorption analysis and features a 50°C thermostatted manifold chamber. Typical vapors include water, alcohols, and aromatics which can impact material characteristics, shelf life, performance, and stability.

Also, our Autosorb iQ is integrated with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) & cold trap option and includes electronic loop injection. TCD enables to perform temperature programmed methods TPR (temperature-programed reaction)/ TPD (temperature-programed desorption)/ TPO (temperature-programed oxidation) and pulse chemisorption analyses for use with a wide-range of gases. The included, automatic loop injector allows for easy pulse titration analyses as well as peak calibration activities. Latest Status Log EntryJan 11, 2024 - Resource Status Up - Up from break, leak tested and SRM ran on station 2 within spec.

Analysis Capabilities:

  • Single-point and Multi-point BET surface area range from ~0.0005 m2/g to no known upper limit.
  • Pore size distribution range ~3.5 Å -5000 Å (0.35 nm – 500 nm).
  • Able to collect data at relative pressures from 1 x 10-7 when using nitrogen gas at 77K (or argon gas at 87 K).
  • Characterization of active surface area, heats of adsorption, percent dispersion and average crystallite size by the static chemisorption method.
  • Includes Windows® based ASiQWin™ instrument control, data acquisition, and data reduction software providing all classical surface area and pore size measurement models (BET, t-plot, STSA, BJH, DA, DR, HK, SF, etc.) as well as the most comprehensive DFT library (NLDFT, QSDFT, GCMC).

Gases available:

  • Helium (for measuring the void volumen during analysis).
  • Nitrogen (for adsorption isotherms).
  • Hydrogen (for chemisorption analysis).
  • If you would like to use other type of gas for your experiments, please contact us.

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