ZEISS Versa 620 XRM - Status: In Use

The ZEISS Versa 620 is an X-ray microscope (XRM) for computed tomography (CT), having flat panel, 0.4x, 4x, 20x, and 40x objectives/detectors. It also has a 4x DCT detector for diffraction contrast detection. Use is currently limited to faculty that were part of the MRI grant.Latest Status Log EntryOct 3, 2022 - Resource Status Up - Up from Ian

The Versa 620 performs X-ray absorption tomography. But as the source and detector can move in relation to the sample, it can also enhance phase contrast between materials with similar densities. Finally, with the Xnovo package and hardware it can do diffraction contrast/grain mapping for small samples with grains over 10 microns. Additionally, features with dimensions as small as 50 nanometers can be observed in the 3D output.

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