Labconco Triad Freeze Dryer - Status: Available

  • Current Status: Available
  • Training: View Topics/Sessions
  • Use Rates:
    • External Academic & Government: $46.50/Day
    • External Affiliated Commercial/Industrial: $46.50/Day
    • External Commercial/Industrial: $62.00/Day
    • External International Academic: $62.00/Day
    • Internal Standard: $31.00/Day
  • Service: Request Service Quote. The Staff rate is $50/hour (Internal) and $55 /hour (External) in addition to the instrument rate.
  • Building: NANO (0070)
  • Room: Particle Analysis 2 (224)
  • In Cleanroom: No
  • Main Contact: Gary Scheiffele
The Labconco Triad Freeze Dryer allows materials to be dried by sublimation. This eliminates any sample damage due to heating, And it minimizes the structural distortion that may be caused by capillary action within pores or between particles.
*Please note* - Rates are per day.Latest Status Log EntryJan 2, 2024 - Resource Status Up

The Labconco Triad Freeze Dryer allows liquids to be removed from samples by sublimation. The freeze drying process depends upon a balance between the heat absorbed by the sample to vaporize the water and the heat removed from the condenser to convert the vapor back to ice. The freeze dryer has a -85°C condenser and an ice capacity of 2.5 liters. A drying tray is programmable from -55 °C to +50°C and is capable of pneumatic stoppering. There are also four standard freeze drying ports.

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