FEI Helios NanoLab 600 dual beam FIB/SEM - Status: Available

  • Current Status: Available
  • Use Rates:
    • External Academic & Government: $97.50/Hour
    • External Affiliated Commercial/Industrial: $187.50/Hour
    • External Commercial/Industrial: $250.00/Hour
    • External International Academic: $130.00/Hour
    • Internal Standard: $65.00/Hour
  • Service: Request Service Quote. The Staff rate is $50/hour
  • Building: NRB (0557)
  • Room: Room (8B)
  • In Cleanroom: No
  • Main Contact: Nicholas Rudawski
The FEI® Helios™ NanoLab™ 600 DualBeam™ systems integrate ion and electron beams for FIB and SEM functionality in one machine. Users can switch between the two beams for quick and accurate navigation and milling. Convergence of the SEM and FIB at short working distance allows precision “slice-and-view” cross-sectioning and analysis at high resolution.

completion of EMA 6507 or discussing with staff the content of the following reading material:

Goldstein, J.I., Newbury, D.E., Echlin. P., Joy, D.C., Romig, A.D. Jr., Lyman, C.E., Fiori,C., and Lifshin, E.
Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis, A Text for Biologists, Materials Scientists, and Geologists.
Third Edition. 2003. ISBN 0-306-47292-9
Chapters 2, 3 and 5.

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Chapter 1: whole
Chapter 2: whole, except section 2.2.3
Chapter 3: sections 1 and 2 only
Chapter 8: sections 2.1 – 2.3 only
Chapter 9: whole
Chapter 10: whole
Chapter 11: whole
Chapter 12: sections 1, 2, and 4 only

Radiation Training
Latest Status Log EntryJun 18, 2018 - Resource Status Up - E-beam column vacuum OK, but FEG source found off; currently bringing back up; will be usable around 11 am after testing

FIB/SEM DualBeam systems provide an expanded range of capabilities not possible with separate FIB and SEM tools:

  • Electron beam high-resolution imaging of FIB cross sections without eroding the feature of interest.
  • Real-time cross-section electron beam imaging during FIB milling.
  • Focused electron beam charge neutralization during FIB milling.
  • Focused ion beam charge neutralization during SEM imaging.
  • High resolution elemental microanalysis of defect cross sections.
  • Sample surface imaging with the electron beam during navigation without erosion or gallium implantation from the ion beam.
  • TEM sample preparation with in situ conductive coating.