Litho Process Suss Delta 20 & Hot Plate - Status: Available

Description: The Litho Bay Suss Delta 20 Spinner. + Hotplate. Latest Status Log EntryJan 7, 2021 - Resource Status Up - up from shutdown

Description: The Litho Bay Suss Delta 20 Spinner. Manual dispense by pipette. Dedicated to PMMA, Negative and Positive photoresists ONLY. Other materials may be used ONLY by special request to NRF Staff. Hotplate designed for 4"-8" substrates. Sample sizes: 2"-8"round substrates. 2-6" square substrates. fragments >10mm, Autosyringe dispense = available for dispensing other materials (email requests to NRF Staff)

Hotplate for 2"-8" substrates

The use of photoresist support equipment (not tracked/ charged) is built into the spinner charge rate. Support equipment includes: HMDS hotplate, soft bake hotplates, hard bake hotplates and ovens.

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