SPM/AFM Dimension 3100 - Status: Available

  • Current Status: Available
  • Use Rates:
    • External Academic & Government: $60.00/Hour
    • External Affiliated Commercial/Industrial: $112.50/Hour
    • External Commercial/Industrial: $150.00/Hour
    • External International Academic: $80.00/Hour
    • Internal Standard: $40.00/Hour
  • Service: Request Service Quote. The Staff rate is $50/hour
  • Building: NANO (0070)
  • Room: MAIC&PAIC Lab (239)
  • In Cleanroom: No
  • Main Contact: Eric Lambers
Scanning Probe Microscope/ Atomic Force Microscope
AFM is a high resolution, nano meter scale, type of Scanning Probe Microscopy.
A stylus or probe is moved across a solid surface following the contours of the
topography and provides a three dimensional image of the surface.Latest Status Log EntryFeb 22, 2018 - Resource Status Up - The AFM has been moved to room 239 in NRF. You will need building facilities access to use the instrument. So if you need it, apply now. The AFM is located at the back of the room and there is a TUMI laptop on the counter to the left of the instrument. Tips are available at the front desk at NRF, just ask for Kiwanie if you need any.

Scanning Probe Microscope/ Atomic Force Microscope
The Digital Instruments Dimension 3100 AFM can provide imaging in both contact
and tapping modes and the sample stage can handle up to a 150 mm diameter wafer.
Adhesive or repulsive forces between a surface and the tip
can be measured as well as between a small particle attached to the tip and a surface.

Available Dimension 3100 Consumables: Contact Mode Tips, Tapping Mode Tips