SPM/AFM Dimension 3100 - Status: Available

Scanning Probe Microscope/ Atomic Force Microscope
AFM is a high resolution, nano meter scale, type of Scanning Probe Microscopy.
A stylus or probe is moved across a solid surface following the contours of the
topography and provides a three dimensional image of the surface.Latest Status Log EntryApr 6, 2021 - User Note: Previous images on this machine indicate that users before me also had very poor dirve amplitude. Perhaps there is a problem with the head.

Scanning Probe Microscope/ Atomic Force Microscope
The Digital Instruments Dimension 3100 AFM can provide imaging in both contact
and tapping modes and the sample stage can handle up to a 150 mm diameter wafer.
Adhesive or repulsive forces between a surface and the tip
can be measured as well as between a small particle attached to the tip and a surface.

Available Dimension 3100 Consumables: Tapping Mode Tips