Ellipsometer, J.A. Woolam - Status: Available

The ellipsometer is able to measure the refractive index and the thickness of semi-transparent thin films. It can be used to measure layers as thin as 1 nm up to layers which are one micron thick. Applications include the accurate thickness measurement of thin films, the identification of materials and thin layers and the characterization of surfaces.

Ellipsometry wiki link Latest Status Log EntryMar 26, 2021 - User Note: calibration wafer had something smeared on it and would not calibrate. Cleaned the wafer and it is working now.

Use Prerequisites

Computer AccessRequires computer access be setup
COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement (Conf)Requires acknowledgement of safety protocols (confirmation version).
COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement (Form)Requires acknowledgement of safety protocols (form version).
Return to Campus AuthorizationRequires staff confirmation that proof of return to campus authorization was provided.
Funding SourceRequires permission to an active funding source
Work PlanRequires a work plan be approved by PI and staff
Agreement FormRequires completed agreement form for equipment usage
RSC Safety TrainingRequires completion of safety training
NRF Building AccessRequires issue of an id badge and entry badge and/or access level to be set.
Equipment TrainingRequires completion of equipment training

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